Minor Bug fix - JL3001 when your doors are off

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Minor Bug fix - JL3001 when your doors are off

Post by InsaneAudioSupport » Mon May 18, 2020 10:38 am

Hi, all. We recently became aware of an issue with some of the first JL3001's shipped where the unit won't power down properly when your doors have been removed. The weather is getting nicer and we definitely want you to be able to take the top and doors off and rock your Insane Audio JL3001. All of our current products already have this bug fixed, but if you were one of the lucky few to get your hands on a JL3001 before the rest of the world then you may need this quick patch.

Note that this isn't a typical software update - its just a patch for our CanBus control software. So this is a fairly quick process and will not alter any of your apps or settings. So it's relatively painless.

First, let's go check if you even need this update. Your JL3001 needs to be installed in a JL or Gladiator pickup (i.e. it needs to be fully connected to your vehicles CanBus system). Power it up, then go to settings -> car -> factory settings. For the password, type in "logcan".

On this screen, on the lower right hand side, you should see version numbers in red.
  • If your software version is D1.00.015BYPS then you DO need this update.
  • If your software version is D1.00.017BYPS then you DO NOT need this update.
  • If your software version is something else, then you are on some future version of our software and you not only have this issue fixed but probably also have a bunch of cool new features that we haven't even though of yet at time of writing this forum post.
OK. So assuming you do need this update, you are going to need a microSD card formatted in FAT32. Its important that this card is formatted in FAT32 in order for the update to work. You can use your Insane NavEngine microSD card if you'd like - this update file is small enough.

You'll want to go here - https://www.insaneaudio.com/JL3001_UPDA ... /DoorsOff/ If you are on a PC, right click on CANBUS.UPDE and save somewhere locally then copy to your microSD card. If you are doing this directly on your JL3001, you can just download directly to your Insane NavEngine GPS card.

Either way, make sure this file is on the card that is inserted in the GPS slot of your JL3001.

Then, please go to settings -> car -> factory settings. It will ask you for a password. Please enter “canupdates2” then click on OK. The unit should then apply the update and you should ultimately see a “Download Success!!” message.

After everything is done, press the home button. Then let’s go ahead and reboot your system by going to settings -> system -> reboot. Then go ahead and take your top off, remove those doors and turn up the tunes. You are ready to rock!

Lastly, if you needed to apply this update then you may want to also check and see if you need v1.2 of our firmware as we do recommend applying that. Here is a link - viewtopic.php?f=32&t=4440

Thanks and we'll see 'ya out on the trail (with your doors off)!

InSaNe AuDio Engineering Staff

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