JK2001 with brandmotion 9002-8838 backup camera

Technical support for Insane Audio's JK1001 or JK2001
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JK2001 with brandmotion 9002-8838 backup camera

Post by phinke » Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:55 am

I purchased the brandmotion 9002-8838 backup camera. I have the insane audio JK2001 in my jeep.

JK2001 has 3 wires - "power wire" and a "ground wire" plus the RCA hookup.

9002-8838 has 4 wires "green", "red", "black" plus RCA hookup.

How do I hookup the 9002-8838 3 wires (green, red & black) to the 2 wires of the JK2001?

My understanding is reds go together to ignition source (red to power wire), blacks go together to a ground source, green go to reverse wire in jeep. I don't see what I hook up the green reverse wire from the 9002-8838 camera to on the JK2001?

Any ideas?

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Re: JK2001 with brandmotion 9002-8838 backup camera

Post by InSaNeAuDiOSupport5 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:25 pm

Hi phinke,

We suggest you check with Brandmotion as we can’t provide specific technical support to their products.

We do have a reverse wire on the main wiring harness but don’t quite see the point in tapping into that. Our recommendation is to hook the reverse (green) and power wires to RockCam +, but again please check with Brandmotion to confirm. RockCam + will provide a 12 volt signal automatically either when the vehicle is in reverse OR when the RockCam app is activated. So we basically take care of all the hard work. Your camera just needs to be powered on and provide a RCA video feed. :-)

In general, for help installing cameras with your JK2001, be sure to follow the appendix of the JK2001 Installation Guide.

Hope this helps!

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