IACAM1 settings

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IACAM1 settings

Post by wwoodwar » Wed Oct 28, 2015 9:23 am

I recently installed the IACAM1 camera with my TJ1001. I need to flip the image left/right and I understand that it can be accomplished but the installation instructions do not clearly say how to do this. In addition now that it is installed the switch is far from the unit so it may be very difficult to watch the screen while making these adjustments. Can someone please provide some instructions on how to do this setting? Thank you.

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Re: IACAM1 settings

Post by InsaneAudioSupport2 » Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:12 pm

Great question! Programming the IACAM1 is a little tricky to get at first but should be a little easier after some practice. These are the instructions you will find in the box your IACAM1 came in:
20151028_165502.jpg (29.09 KiB) Viewed 3040 times
How this breaks down is the first option '1.' will be one click of the Cam button to change the display, option '2.' will be two clicks to change the display, '3.' will be three clicks and so on. Keep in mind that there are a couple tricks for getting this to work properly:

1. When you are clicking the button multiple times for an option make sure that you click the button in half second intervals. If you click the button too fast, the Camera many not register that you clicked the button the correct amount. Also, if you click the button too slow then the camera may not registering your clicks as one set.

2. Make sure you leave about 5 seconds between changing options. For example; if you click the button 3 times for option '3' then you will have to wait about 5 seconds before starting clicking to adjust another option.

If you are still having issues adjusting the display for your reverse camera, please hit up our support guys at -- support@insanejeepaudio.com -- they would love to walk you through setting up your camera.

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