Software update RK build number

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Software update RK build number

Post by Rubbahnek » Sat May 11, 2019 7:41 am

Does anyone know if theres any kind of software update for the tj1002 with the "RK" build number? Or am I stuck with the outdated kit kat 4.4 version?

Also, has anyone had any problems downloading directly to the microSD card on the head unit? I put a new formatted (FAT32) card in and when I try to download it says "theres not enough space on the device." I adjusted the download settings to use the SD card as well as leaving it on "let the machine decide" but it keeps popping up the same response. Can someone give me a fix for this before I throw this godforsaken thing out the window?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Software update RK build number

Post by InsaneAudioSupport » Mon May 13, 2019 9:00 am

Hey, there! Yes - we will continue to support all of our products and you receive lifetime technical support, but the first generation TJ1002 models are unable to run the 2nd generation software. Basically -- the first generation TJ1002's were built with the latest technology available at the time, but we have since moved from a 32bit to 64bit architecture which is a physical hardware change that has since opened our products up to a world of technology.

What do you mean by "downloading directly to the microSD card"? What are you downloading? Depending on the app, you absolutely should be able to store data on the microSD card (for example, Spotify -- viewtopic.php?f=7&t=711&p=6812) You can also copy movies or music on there from your computer and your TJ1002 should be able to play them.

As far as installing apps go, the first generation TJ1002 supports up to 1GB of apps. Note that our engineers initialy added another 16gb or so in "hidden" storage so when you choose "move to SD" within settings, its not actualy your physical SD card but additional storage on the system itself. We did that to try and workaround the 1GB limit but not all apps will support this. It seems like you may just have too many apps installed -- the first thing to do would be to remove some that you aren't using. Also make sure that you aren't storing data (i.e. spotify or pandora in offline mode) on your flash memory or that will eat it up quickly. Most apps (i.e. spotify or pandora) will let you specify where to store data and in that case you definitely want to store it on the microSD card. If you need further assistance on ths, please hit up our support staff directly at


InSanE AuDio Support Staff

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